Lifting the Hatch

Meet Altcoin Fantasy

Part of the second batch of the LongHash Hatch program, Altcoin Fantasy was founded by Cynthia Huang (CEO) and Tommy Chan (CTO). Former schoolmates, the unstoppable pair is running a cryptocurrency trading simulation platform. We got to know them a little better over a quick chat.

Meet Plasm

Part of the LongHash Hatch program batch 2, Plasm is founded by Sota Watanabe, who has always been interested in wanting to help make the world a better and more equal place. We caught up with this well-travelled founder to find out more about his project.

Meet XanPool

Part of the LongHash Hatch program batch 2, XanPool is co-founded by the energetic Jeffery Liu and the cool and collected Artem Ibragimov. We caught up with the duo for a quick chat to get to know the guys behind this fiat-to-crypto gateway.

Introducing LongHash Hatch Program: Batch 2

We are so excited to introduce the 6 new projects that have joined us in our batch 2 LongHash Hatch Program.

Breakfast with Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott, co-founder and executive chairman of Blockchain Research Institute and co-author of Blockchain Revolution paid LongHash and the community a visit during his visit to Singapore.

Spreading the word on blockchain enterprise adoption

LongHash was given many opportunities to speak at corporate events and workshops this month.

LongHash X Antler

LongHash and Antler working together at a collaborative meet up to share insights from incubators and accelerators in the blockchain space.

BlockLive Asia

Thanks to our friends at Grounded, we were able to share and educate the general public in line with Block Live Asia's mission to  "make blockchain gr8 again".

Building a SEC-Compliant STO Platform

Prometheum is creating the necessary blockchain infrastructure for an ecosystem of security tokens.

LongHash Hatch Program Batch 2

Join fellow BUIDLers in the LongHash Hatch Program! 12 weeks of intense mentorship and training followed by fundraising across Europe and Asia.

Private Luncheon with Dr. Xiao Feng

Hosting one of LongHash's distinguished mentors, Dr. Xiao Feng during his visit to Singapore


Our first time making an appearance in Australia!
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