Lifting the Hatch

Mentor Series: 7 Minutes with Daniel Liebau

We caught up with Dan Liebau from Lightbulb Capital in our new 7 minutes Mentor Series. How does a typical day for Dan look like? Who would he choose to dine with if he could have his pick from the industry?

Introducing Button Wallet

Introducing Button Wallet: An intuitive messenger-based wallet that allows you to buy, store and send crypto all from the convenience of your Telegram Messenger app

Introducing Brightree

Introducing Brightree: Utilising IoT & Blockchain to track and monitor bunkering supply chain to increase efficiency, transparency and compliance

Introducing Mintable

Introducing Mintable: A one-stop service for anyone to easily mint non-fungible digital items

Introducing Depos

Introducing Depos: A "decentralized bank" fully collateralized by digital assets, run by a team from BCG, INSEAD, and MIPT

Introducing Soundario

Introducing Soundario: A music streaming platform on blockchain that records and distributes value fairly, created by veteran entrepreneurs who previously built a B2C company to 2M users, and secured funding by ZhenFund.

It's a Wrap!

Wrapping up batch 2 of the LongHash Hatch Program that was in partnership with Parity Technologies to support the development of Polkadot

Welcoming our first 2 Corporate Innovation Partners

Welcoming and introducing Roche and Sembcorp as official partners in our LongHash Corporate Innovation Partner Program.

Meet Polkawallet

Part of the LongHash Hatch program batch 2, Polkawallet is the first cross-chain mobile wallet for Polkadot founded by Fuyao Jiang. We sat down with the enigmatic tech-whiz to get to know him and his project.


Meet Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller, one of the founders and CEO of LUKSO. The project is part of LongHash Hatch program's second batch and it a platform that enables creators and users in creative economies to easily fund, protect, share, and trade physical and digital assets. Marjorie shares a little bit more about herself and LUKSO in a recent interview.

WANTED: iOS Developer

We are looking for an iOS developer responsible for the development and maintenance of our iOS mobile app. Your responsibility will be to develop a native iOS app, working in conjunction with the executive team to determine all aspects of the app.

Meet the team behind Polkascan

Meet WEB3SCAN, the creators of Polkascan and part of the LONGHASH Hatch program batch 2, Polkascan is a 3 man team that hails from the Netherlands. We spoke with CEO, Emiel Sebastiaan van der Hoek, CTO, Arjan Zijdervald and Profile Director of Marketing & Business Development, David-Jan Hoogendoorn to find out more about this multi-chain explorer.
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