Spreading the word on blockchain enterprise adoption

May 22, 2019

LongHash was given many opportunities to speak at corporate events and workshops this month.

Jardine Matherson invited Emma to be part of their blockchain panel in Hong Kong to share her views on use cases and blockchain trends. Emma was on the panel with Paul Sin (Asia leader of Fintech Practice, Deloitte), Martin Baumann (Managing Director, CMCC) and Gregory Simon (CEO, Loyyal).

One of our closer partners, INSEAD, invited us to share the potentials of blockchain & use cases in insurance and finance during the Mahindra Finance senior executive team's visit. We are always happy to jump at the opportunity to share the facilitate the understanding of blockchain technology and its application in enterprises.

In addition, we were invited to conduct a workshop on innovative technologies in insurance as part of a blockchain series held by NUS. This workshop was conducted for the senior management of an international insurance company.

We were also invited to the recent Maritime Blockchain Forum, organised by the Maritime Port Authority. At the forum attended by over 200 Maritime executives, we shared about LongHash's take on the blockchain revolution and the impact blockchain start-ups are making across the different industries.

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