July 22, 2019

Meet Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller, one of the founders and CEO of LUKSO. The project is part of LongHash Hatch program's second batch and is a platform that enables creators and users in creative economies to easily fund, protect, share, and trade physical and digital assets. Marjorie shares a little bit more about herself and LUKSO in a recent interview.

LongHash: Hi Marjorie! Please tell us a little more about yourself and what you did before LUKSO.

My education was in architecture, digital arts and design. I worked in innovation, design and strategy for the last 7 years before founding LUKSO. 


LH: How did you get into blockchain and what inspired you to start your own project and go into blockchain full time? 

 In 2013 I started to get involved in Blockchain technology, and as of 2016 I was developing Blockchain-based business cases for my clients. I was an early supporter of IOTA and did many business implementations based on Ethereum. 

Being an early adopter of the technology, and possessing deep knowledge in this niche area, the natural move for me was to start my own project. 


LH: What is the problem that LUKSO is helping to overcome?

The Fashion and Lifestyle industries have been inherently technology adverse, and were one of the last to adopt e-commerce. We believe that it is inevitable that all companies will become technology companies, and Blockchain will be a fundamental component in all industries and business within the next 10 years. Our goal is to become the de facto standard for Blockchain in the Lifestyle and Fashion space. 

We see the unique opportunity to support and grow the first decentralised ecosystem which empowers creators. 


LH: What is the vision and goal you have for LUKSO? 


- Having young creators using LUKSO to empower their businesses. 

- Having our 3 top target brands building and launching collections on LUKSO. 

- To reach a valuation of 1 billion USD 


LH:  What kind of sacrifices did you have to make to build LUKSO?  

As most entrepreneurs, the sacrifice comes in the form of less free time, long working hours, sleepless nights, and losing the comfort of a stable income. However, these are consequences of a very conscious choice, and I get to do every day what I really want and love. 


LH: Can you explain LUKSO to us in the simplest way possible?

LUKSO is the blockchain for the modern creative economies. 


You can find out more about LUKSO here

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