Introducing Soundario

Oct. 30, 2019

Introducing Soundario: A music streaming platform on blockchain that records and distributes value fairly, created by veteran entrepreneurs who previously built a B2C company to 2M users, and secured funding by ZhenFund.

Music is known to transcend all barriers (time, language, geography) and bring together people from all walks of life, exactly as Soundario has. 

CEO, Wang Zhong a former radio show anchor on a national Chinese radio channel is no stranger to the music scene and neither is CMO, Peter Donaldson who was a music producer and independent record label owner. The team is also made up of CTO, Stanley Lau and R&D Director Li Yunpeng, who are both engineers.

From left: Wang Zhong, Peter Donaldson, Stanley Lau and Li Yunpeng

What exactly is Soundario about?

Pete: Soundario is a music streaming platform which acts as a transparent ecosystem to fairly reward all contributors in the music streaming industry.

Tell us how it all began…

Wang Zhong: Well, it all started with our sleeping aid app, and a project called Run Baby Run (fitness music playlists). Both projects required sync licensing music, and we discovered we didn't have a clear way to pay or credit artists. This led to a deeper realization of the current problems in the music industry, and blockchain presented an elegantly simple solution to every aspect.

Why did you decide to implement blockchain for this project?

Pete: The music industry is global, but at the moment is riddled with problems. We believe that blockchain will solve these problems such as providing a transparent auditable record of all listening times and automating a fair payout to creators which will allow this world-wide industry to thrive again. Everyone involved from top to bottom being rewarded fairly. It is not a question of if, it is only a matter of when.

How did you decide to build Zilliqa?

Stanley: We picked Zilliqa as the amount of transactions per second is very important for a music streaming platform like Soundario.

What is your vision for Soundario?

Pete: We want to create a paradigm shift in the music streaming industry by precisely measuring the value of creating, distributing, sharing, and listening to music in order to accurately and fairly reward all contributors involved in the process from creation to consumption. 

What kind of sacrifices did you have to make, starting-up Soundario?

Pete: Time has been the biggest sacrifice for everyone. The problems we are solving are global and complex so the task is obviously a tough nut to crack. Blockchain is also a cutting edge field so you have to use a lot of time just to stay on top of the current trends. There are lots of nuances that you need to learn quickly.

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