Blockchain accelerator LongHash Ventures unveils 7 startups in its fourth cohort

May 27, 2020

LongHash Ventures, a global blockchain accelerator and venture capital fund headquartered in Singapore, has officially announced the launch of its fourth batch of startups under LongHash Hatch, an accelerator programme designed for blockchain startups.

LongHash Hatch is a 12-week programme that includes modules in strategy formulation, go-to-market execution, and subject matter guidance across technology, marketing, and fundraising.

Some of the industry leaders who will be participating in the programme include Fenbushi Capital, HashKey Capital, Kenetic Capital, and Dragonfly Capital, with Ethereum Foundation, Maker, Synthetix, and InstaDApp.

The accelerator has raised over US$16 million in funding for its portfolio to date, with projects including AID: Tech, AlphaWallet, Keyless and Xanpool.

“The growth of the blockchain ecosystem needs to be an undertaking that is both directed and purposeful. LongHash Ventures has demonstrated its unparalleled sourcing network and hands-on venture building capability in the past two years,” said Deng Chao, Managing Director at HashKey Capital.

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Here are the seven startups in the programme:


A digital asset credit bureau that equips financial institutions with non-traditional credit data based on blockchain financial history and private data


A white-label solutions platform which helps financial institutions with efficient records consolidation and easier transactions via blockchain


An email and communications software which provides privacy and security blockchain,  also enables payments via email

Puma Browser

A mobile browser which is private by default, and able to stream micropayments to websites via blockchain


A SaaS startup for efficient tracking of vaccines and food supply chain using blockchain and IoT


A blockchain analytics platform for cryptocurrency traders, with data models including Exchange Deposit Tracker, Inflation Tracker, and Crypto Sector Indices


An African end-to-end merchant solution including inventory management, payments and business intelligence

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