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DEMO DAY 23 April 2021 9am (GMT+8)

Meet the Teams

These projects will be presenting


An automated insurance markets platform for decentralized finance

Curio Digital

A marketplace for tokenized digital collectibles


Decentralized NFT minting solution catered to the mass market creators


Revolutionizing video conferences for remote learning using blockchain and Web 3 technology


A community-powered content delivery network


An on-chain education platform that incentivizes content creation and learner usage

Numbers Protocol

Creating an Authentic Media Network and turning digital creations into assets


A suite of tools that enables multiplayer competitions in single player games

Ownership Labs

An open data marketplace for trading the computing rights of private data

Sinso Technologies

A medical imaging data aggregator which enables telemedicine and AI diagnosis

Vera AI

Building privacy-preserving DiD and D-Apps for the Metaverse, Web3.0 and VR/AR

AGENDA | 23 April 2021 9am (GMT+8)


Opening & Introduction to Demo Day


Team Pitches


Filecoin Ecosystem Roadmap & Demo Day Closing

Launch your custom blockchain

We helped you
to launch

World-class Mentors

Mentors in our ecosystem are successful blockchain founders, veteran investors, serial entrepreneurs, tech experts, renowned academics, established institutions - each of these cogs make up our thriving ecosystem.


360 Degree Support

We worked with you from day one. LongHash Ventures offers a rigorous hands-on venture building platform, providing essential support with strategy formulation, go-to market execution, and access to a comprehensive investor network.


Dedicated Resources

We connected with the best in-class experts from Filecoin, including weekly touchpoints with research scientists, product specialists and engineers.

$20,000 Grant

You received a $20,000 grant, and are candidates for follow-up investments of up to $1.5 million after Demo Day.

Acceleration Journey

Launch your custom blockchain

Filecoin is about


The Filecoin network will achieve staggering economies of scale by allowing anyone to participate as a storage provider and monetize their open hard drive space. By creating an incentivized global market, prices for storage and retrieval are determined by supply and demand, not corporate pricing departments.


Content addressing and cryptographic proofs verify that data is stored reliably and securely over time. Filecoin also combines with IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network protocol, to make a more efficient and secure web free from corporate control.


An open-source project, Filecoin is first and foremost a network built and owned by each single individual. The network runs a sponsored data program for critically important public data such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Project Gutenberg, and more. Join Filecoin to create a more open, inclusive and trustworthy Web 3.0. 


Whether you’re a storage provider, dapp developer or just curious to know more, there is a rapidly growing ecosystem of tools, libraries and integrations to help you get started. Filecoin has an active community of contributors to answer questions and point newcomers to the right resource.

Mentors of the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator

Juan Benet
Founder & CEO
Protocol Labs
Björn Wagner
Parity Technologies
Cecilia Chapiro
Blockchain Portfolio Manager
UNICEF Ventures
Sharlyn Wu
Chief Investment Officer
Huobi Group
Emma Cui
Chief Executive Officer
LongHash Ventures
Rin Huang
Fenbushi Capital
Ben El-Baz
Head of Ecosystems
HashKey Digital Asset Group
Andrew Hill
Deng Chao
Managing Director
HashKey Capital
Jane Lippencott
Winklevoss Capital
Molly Mackinlay
Project Lead
Chance Du
Founding Partner
Coefficient Ventures
Harrison Hines
Co-Founder & CEO
Tony Gu
Founding Partner
NGC Ventures
Colin Evran
Ecosystem Lead
Remington Ong
Fenbushi Capital
Maggie Love
Pooja Shah
Product Lead
Ryan Sung Ho Kim
Co-Founder and Partner
Aidan Hyman
Co-Founder & CEO
ChainSafe Systems
Jimmy Lee
Project Manager
Jehan Chu
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Kenetic Capital
Ryan Zurrer
Founder & Managing Director
Vine Ventures
Jocy Lin
IOSG Ventures
Lou Kerner
Flight VC
ZX Zhang
Senior Engineer
Tekin Salimi
General Partner
Polychain Capital
Chan Wei Jie
FinTech Senior Manager
David Hoffman
Founder & Author
Eva Shon
Product UX
Angie Lau
Founder and CEO
Philipp Banhardt
Filecoin Foundation
Bobby Cho
CMS Holdings

About Filecoin

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network, designed to store humanity's most important information. Filecoin is a cryptocurrency incentivized decentralized market, where storage providers earn filecoin tokens for renting out storage space.

About Fenbushi Capital

Fenbushi Capital is the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia. It has to date supported over 60 leading projects across 4 continents leveraging blockchain technology to reshape myriad industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and consumer goods. Fenbushi’s mission is to drive healthy and sustainable growth in the global blockchain ecosystem, and actively works as a long-term strategic partner to its portfolio projects.

About LongHash Ventures

LongHash Ventures is a global blockchain accelerator and investor building the native Web 3.0 blockchain economy. With a global network established across key technological hubs including Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, the company is committed to catalyzing growth for the next generation of blockchain startups. In parallel, LongHash Ventures offers end-to-end support across the spectrum of strategy formulation, go-to-market execution, and subject matter guidance across technology, marketing, and fundraising. LongHash Ventures is supported by Fenbushi Capital, Hashkey Capital under Wanxiang Group, and Enterprise Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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