All you need is a clearly articulated idea and a fully formed team, though progress in development and traction are always taken into account
No, there are no upfront or monthly program fees, we only ask for some incentives upon successful fundraising.
We aim to take in between 10-15 companies per batch, subject to the number of suitable applications.
The program consists of 3 phases. The first is strategy and business model where we will take you through professional workshops, introduce you to our mentor network, and provide technical advisory. The second phase is focused on your go-to-market strategy, where we will introduce you to potential partners/ customers and support your marketing and branding. The final phase is fundraising, where we will take you on an investor tour. Throughout the program, you will be introduced to our community of experts and investors as well as be given maximum exposure opportunity to events that LongHash organises or participates in, such as Singapore Fintech Festival.
Yes. However, there are many benefits to incorporating in Singapore, which is a blockchain and fintech hub. You can learn more here: https://www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/industries/hub/startup/join-singapores-startup-hub
We require at least one co-founder to be in Singapore during Weeks 1,2, 11 and 12 to attend the workshops and investor tour in person.
Co-working space will be provided. However, accommodation is self-arranged.
There is some financial support provided for costs that are directly connected to the program. Travel and accommodation for the demo day tour may be subsidised, subject to approval.
It is a requirement that you have a clearly articulated idea prior to application.
It is a requirement that you have a fully formed team prior to application, ideally working on it full-time.
Registration for each batch is opened for 8 weeks. Thereafter, the selection process will take another 4 weeks, where each application is screened by the research team. The shortlisted companies will be contacted for an interview within the same 4 weeks. Successful applications will then be informed 1 month before the start of the program.
We will contact you with all necessary information 1 month before the start of the program to allow for sufficient time to prepare for travel and accommodation.