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Building better with Algorand: The future of frictionless finance, supply chain, finance, Web 3.0, finance, IoT, finance, gaming

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Are you the right match? Join us to:

1. Synergize with Finance 3.0 and beyond

We welcome builders across all facets of this vast Finance 3.0 ecosystem, from infrastructure to middleware, and from technical and financial primitives to institutional and retail applications.

2. Enter and expand in Asia


3. Shape and grow with the Algorand ecosystem

What is Finance 3.0?

Finance 3.0, also known as Open Finance, is the new ecosystem of financial products and services built using blockchain technology that removes friction in transactions, payments and global trade. Digital securities, electronic and programmable payments with digital currencies and/or stablecoins, instant swap of digital assets, and trustless collateralized digital loans are just a few application examples of the borderless and frictionless economy that is being built using Finance 3.0 principles.

Come Join Us

360 Degree Support

Committed support by LongHash Ventures, offering a rigorous hands-on venture building platform with strategy formulation, go-to market execution, and access to a comprehensive investor network.

Technical Support

Weekly touchpoints and guidance by Algorand’s technology team, including consultations with the chief scientist, engineering, and product experts.

Mentor Network

Featuring founders and CEOs of category-leading blockchain companies, technical experts, academics, influential investors, and institutional partners.


Upfront seed funding of $15,000. Projects that have demonstrated aptitude and potential throughout the programme are candidates for follow-up investments of up to USD$250,000.

Who You'll Meet

Paolo Ardoino
Carlos Domingo
CEO and Co-founder
Sharlyn Wu
Chief Investment Officer
Huobi Group
Jing Chen
Chief Scientist
Rin Huang
Fenbushi Capital
John Ho
Head of Financial Services & Legal
Standard Chartered Bank
Alex Wearn
Massimo Morini
Chief Economist
Algorand Foundation
Mable Jiang
Multicoin Capital
Jehan Chu
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Kenetic Capital
Tony Gu
Founding Partner
NGC Ventures
Fangfang Chen
Algorand Foundation
Steven Chan
Senior Director and Regional Head of Government Relations, Asia Pacific
Deng Chao
Managing director
HashKey Capital
Darius Sit
Managing Partner
QCP Capital
Jocy Lin
IOSG Ventures
Ryan Sung Ho Kim
Co-Founder and Partner
Sherwin Lee
Venture Partner
QCP Soteria (QSN)
David Garcia
Founder and Managing Partner
Borderless Capital
Jason Weathersby
Senior Director, Developer Relations
Arul Murugan
Founder and Managing Partner
Borderless Capital
Yonatan Sela
Fabrice Benhamouda
Algorand Foundation
David Lee
Professor, Finance Programme
Singapore University of Social Sciences
Rui Zhang
Vice President
Gumi Cryptos

Your Acceleration Journey

Application Period: 8 June to 17 August
Program period: 19 October to 22 January
Apply now!

Why Algorand?

Experienced developers, category-leading blockchain projects like IDEX, Tether, and Securitize and large institutions all choose to build on Algorand blockchain. Here’s what they see:
Rapid and Continuous Innovation

Algorand 2.0, a major protocol upgrade, was launched 5 short months after the Mainnet launch, introducing powerful features such as Algorand Standard Assets, Atomic Transfers, and Algorand Smart Contracts all built into Layer-1. These functions allow enterprise-scale distributed apps to be built without sacrificing performance and security. Forthcoming “stateful” smart contracts will be ready by summer 2020, which will allow programs to store states in Layer-1, and inspect account balances and other blockchain states for even more expressive power. Stay up to date here.

Growing Community and Ecosystem

The Algorand community is growing rapidly, and resources are constantly being added to make it easier for developers to build on the blockchain. Those starting off will find a developer enablement program encompassing Java, JavaScript (node.js and browser), and Go SDKs, REST APIs, and collaboration tools. With a robust and shared vision, the increasing stream of companies building on Algorand are now creating an emergent ecosystem of synergistic projects. Here is a snapshot of some of the use cases.

Breakthrough Core Technology

Algorand removes the technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scalability, and security. Now you can build on a stable platform you trust. Algorand’s consensus mechanism is Permissionless, Pure Proof of Stake. It ensures full participation, protection, and speed within a truly decentralized network. Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. With blocks finalized in seconds, Algorand’s transaction throughput is on par with large payment and financial networks. No forking. No uncertainty.

Media Mentions

About Us

The Algorand Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has a vision of a borderless, frictionless economy built on public, decentralized blockchain technology. The Foundation envisions a wide breadth of applications being built on the Algorand protocol by a new, broader community of blockchain and mainstream developers. The Foundation is committed to facilitating this innovation in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

LongHash Ventures is a global blockchain accelerator and Investor. We seek financial returns through venture building and investing in early stage blockchain start ups, with a mission to enable the Web 3.0 blockchain native economy. We source projects globally, leveraging especially on our strong Asia network across key hubs like Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Borderless Capital is a modern financial institution investing capital and building financial products that accelerate access, bootstrap adoption and create value globally through the Algorand Borderless Economy.


For a start, you will need a clearly articulated idea and a fully formed team, while progress in development and traction are always taken into account. You also need to build on Algorand blockchain or contribute significantly to the Algorand ecosystem.

We welcome projects that fit the requirements below to apply.
1) Stage: Pre-seed to Series A
2) Funding: Evidence of fund raised from third party before
3) Team: Minimum CEO + CTO
4) Business: Sound business case or evidence of product market fit with users
While we are focusing on startups which have synergy with Finance 3.0 (see definition and scope outlined earlier), we are open to all industries, from supply chain, to Web 3.0, to gaming, and beyond.
We do not collect any enrollment fees. The structure of the programme is designed to offer optimal support to our projects, and startups gain access to a strong network of resources, including mentors, technical partners and a global investor community. Upon selection, shortlisted projects will receive USD 15K in upfront seed funding, and we will also reach out to discuss specific investment terms during the interview stage.
We aim to take in 10 companies, depending on the number of suitable applications.
The program consists of 3 phases. The first is strategy and business model where we will take you through professional workshops, introduce you to our mentor network, and provide technical advisory. The second phase is focused on your go-to-market strategy, where we will introduce you to potential partners/ customers and support your marketing and branding. The final phase is fundraising, where we will take you on an investor tour. Throughout the program, you will be introduced to our community of experts and investors as well as be given maximum exposure opportunity to events that LongHash organises or participates in, such as Singapore Fintech Festival.
Yes, we welcome and accept applications on a global basis. That being said, Asia is a major epicenter of blockchain activity, and there are many benefits to establishing a presence in this part of the world. In particular. Singapore, as a leading blockchain and fintech hub, is a great launchpad to the wider region. You can learn more here.
We require at least one co-founder to be in Singapore during Weeks 1,2, 11 and 12 to attend the workshops and investor tour in person. This requirement may change depending on Singapore’s travel permissions.
Co-working space may be provided upon request. However, accommodation is self-arranged.
Registration is open until 17 August. Thereafter, the selection process will take another 4 weeks, where each application is screened by the research team. The shortlisted companies will be contacted for an interview within the same 4 weeks. Successful applications will then be informed in September 2020, 1 month before the start of the program.
We will contact you with all necessary information 1 month before the start of the program to allow for sufficient time to prepare for travel and accommodation.

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