Program Highlights

The incubation program at LongHash helps portfolio companies with strategy formulation by refining business model and tokenomics design, and providing mentorship from our strong network of mentors


Business Model Design, Tokenomics Design, Mentorship

The incubation program at LongHash conducts storytelling workshops, pitching workshops, and investor demo tours to boost fundraising for portfolio companies


Storytelling Workshop, Pitching Workshop, Investor Demo Tour

The incubation program at LongHash helps portfolio companies develop a go-to-market strategy with business development, media exposure and events exposure


Business Development, Media Exposure, Events Exposure

The incubation program at LongHash helps portfolio companies on the technology front with design thinking, technical reviews and UI/UX workshops


Design Thinking, Technical Review, UI/UX Workshop

The incubation program at LongHash helps portfolio companies with administration by providing accounting and tax workshops, legal workshops, and support with incorporation and visa issues


Accounting and Tax Workshop, Legal Workshop, Incorporation and Visa Support


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Atomica is an automated insurance markets platform for decentralized finance


Curio Digital is a marketplace for tokenized digital collectibles


Filbox is a cloud service provider which helps users encrypt, analyze, visualize, and monetize data


Huddle01 is an online classroom platform optimized for video conference engagement

Myel is a community-powered content delivery network


NonEntropy Tech is a video-focused online learning platform


Numbers Protocol helps users create tamperproof records of media content


OPgames is a suite of tools that enables multiplayer competitions in single player games


Bridging Web 3, Blockchain & the MetaVerse with infra & dApps

Ownership Labs is an open data marketplace for secure, verifiable, private data computations

Sinso Technology is a medical imaging data aggregator which enables telemedicine and AI diagnosis


Collateron is a reserve asset backed by a basket of real-world currencies, aiming to mitigate currency devaluation while investing in DeFi.

Dejure is the world’s first tokenized litigation finance investment platform, offering retail and accredited investors access to high-quality litigation finance investments.

DEXTF is an on-chain, non-custodial asset management protocol, enabling financial institutions and professionals to create and manage digital-native funds with ease.

EasternBlu is a decentralised registry of music copyrights that brings transparency and efficiency to royalty ownership and payments.

MugglePay is a consumer to business (C2B) payment solution, enabling global, instant, and low-cost settlements via cryptocurrency.

Neutron Finance is a next generation DeFi protocol that provides foreign exchange swaps via liquid currency pools.

StakerDAO is a cross-chain asset factory, enabling the future of decentralised finance in a secure and compliant manner, by the community for the community.

VeriTX is a trusted B2B marketplace for digital assets for global aerospace, medical and industrial supply chains leveraging the convergence of blockchain & 3D printing at point of use. Enables digital supply chains and decentralized manufacturing.

xBullion is a digital gold settlement solution, providing access to near spot pricing, direct ownership via token, insured delivery, and best in class storage without custody fees.

Yieldly is a protocol building the first dynamic suite of non-custodial smart contracts on Algorand, with a lossless lottery as the initial use case.

The world's first digital asset credit bureau to equip financial institutions with non-traditional credit data based on blockchain financial history and private data. Backed by SOSV (backer of Chinaccelerator), Dlabs (by Cardano). 


A white-label solutions platform helping financial institutions with efficient consolidation of records and easier transactions using blockchain. Part of Singapore government's blockchain Project Ubin, other partners include Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and Hong Kong-listed Chong Sing Holdings FinTech Group.

Emails and communications software which provides privacy and security through blockchain, and enables payments via email. Funded by 500 startups. Currently used by 1 bank and 2 IT companies.


SaaS startup for efficient tracking of vaccine and food supply chain using blockchain and IoT. Partners include UNICEF and Gavi, and are in consideration to handle the tracking and monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is slated for a 2021 release.

A blockchain analytics platform for cryptocurrency traders, with proprietary data models including: Exchange Deposit Tracker, Inflation Tracker, and Crypto Sector Indices. Founder from Citibank.


An African end-to-end merchant solution including inventory management, payments and business intelligence. Backed by Google, Binance. Has >50k users, >3k merchants, and USD180k GMV worth of merchandise.


Brightree utilizes IoT & Blockchain to track and monitor bunkering supply chain to increase efficiency, transparency and compliance. Brightree has been supplying data logger to log bunkering data since 2017 and have clients using Brightree's IoT platform to transmit live data to the cloud.

Button Wallet is a messenger-based digital banking application that is already live on Telegram Messenger with more than 100k users. It allows you to buy, store, or send crypto in your Telegram Messenger app. They previously raised USD 500k from MIT Play labs and a few other Silicon Valley based VCs and angels.

Stablecoins have the potential to disrupt the finance industry by trying to integrate benefits of cryptocurrencies and traditional (fiat) money. Depos creates a <turn-key> stablecoin solution that enables any enterprise to create their own USD-pegged (or other peg) cryptocurrency with characteristics superior to existing coins.

Mintable allows you to easily Mint, Manage, and Browse digital items on Ethereum. One-stop service for anyone to mint unique/non-fungible digital items easily.

SoundArio’s DApp utilizes a distributed system of blockchain technology, dB cryptocurrency and smart contracts to precisely measure and fairly distribute the value of creating, sharing, and listening to music to all contributors involved in the process from creation to consumption.

Utilising innovative technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, AID:Tech has developed and deployed proven solutions for governments, corporates and NGOs.

Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto trading simulator game that teaches users about the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading space without the need for users to invest their own money while learning.

We are making both Plasma parachain and Substrate Runtime Module Library. Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library which allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain quickly and seamlessly.

Our organization performs software development and service management activities related to blockchain data, including but not limited to providing fully serviced block explorers, consultancy services & systems integration services.

XanPool is a crypto-onboarding company. (AKA a "fiat gateway" in the industry). We provide a unique omni-channel solution to make the onboarding and offboarding infrastructure in crypto much more user friendly, and resilient against single channel dependency.

AlphaWallet is the wallet engine for the Web 3 world. Its programmable mobile wallet supports applications and services on the blockchain. It is fully open-sourced and allows companies to boost DApp usability, scalability, and privacy to bring the best user experience to their customers.

Keyless is a decentralized protocol for authentication and identity management driven by user-friendly, secure biometrics. They envision a world where you can login to any service from any device without the fear of being hacked or exploited. Where you are no longer the product. Where the only key is you. A world that is keyless.

Legal Nodes is designed to meet the new challenges that truly gobal start-ups face and become a "decentralized law firm" of the future. It introduces a novel interface of client-lawyer interaction using smart contract technology and blockchain arbitration.

Lition is co-innovating with SAP, the world's largest maker of enterprise software. By combining a permissioned distributed storage engine from SAP with Lition's permissionless consensus system, Lition is giving businesses a high-throughput, low-latency private transaction solution with public validation for selected records.

Poseidon Network enables users to monetize underutilized bandwidth and storage from any Network Attached Storage (NAS), desktop, or mobile devices around the world. It can serve as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for every type of web content. is a decentralized marketplace for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) trading. It provides a trusted end-to-end service for clients, from buyers-sellers matching, to RECs registration/retirement, and to post-sale ownership verification and fraud prevention.

UnBlock Analysis uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze blockchain transactions for preventive and investigative KYC/AML. Their Investigation Software Suite allows clients to automate KYC and KYT processes and reduce false positives by 90%. The solution is also user friendly.